Month: April 2017

It was a cold morning but I rose up early to prepare my speech for the biggest debate of my life. For some reasons, I had decided to join the Literary and Debating Society of my hall of residence a semester ago and that day, I was slated to represent my hall of residence. At first, I was excited when I heard the names of the dignitaries to be present at the event but that soon turn into fear: “What if I mess up?” “What if I forget my lines?”


and the list of “what ifs” continued to grow. Continue reading

Podcasting can be fun- something you look forward to and cannot seem to push the stop button. You want to talk on and on and have your listeners wallow in the wisdom of your great content. It is great that you enjoy it, but if you want to build a great community around your podcast, you must begin to listen to your listeners.

One of the advantages that podcasting gives is the ability to monitor feedback with better tools. Unlike radio, it is easier to know what your listeners think on each episode that you send out. Continue reading

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