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Podcasting can be fun- something you look forward to and cannot seem to push the stop button. You want to talk on and on and have your listeners wallow in the wisdom of your great content. It is great that you enjoy it, but if you want to build a great community around your podcast, you must begin to listen to your listeners.

One of the advantages that podcasting gives is the ability to monitor feedback with better tools. Unlike radio, it is easier to know what your listeners think on each episode that you send out. Continue reading

When you are just starting a podcast series, you will quickly find out it is best not to talk without a guide. This is important when you run retakes nine or ten times before you become organized. Just as a movie needs a script, you need a good podcast script too to guide you to delivering a great podcast episode. A podcast script provides you a framework for your episode. Here, you will learn how to write a good podcast script in 10 basic steps.

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Hi guys, welcome to my corner of the internet once again. Today I will be writing about when to save images in the .jpg (jpeg) file extension or the .png (Portable Network Graphics) file extension. You will need to have a little bit of design experience to follow this article; the design experience can be on mobile (Picsart) or Photoshop (or other related software) as we will be talking about some technicalities here. Continue reading

Hi guys, welcome back to my little corner of the interwebs. Today I will be sharing with you some tips on how to select the perfect font for your podcast design. There are three things that if you get right, your design will be 80% done: typography, photography and illustration.

If you use any of these styles, you know the importance of having the right materials, in this case: font.

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