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It was a cold morning but I rose up early to prepare my speech for the biggest debate of my life. For some reasons, I had decided to join the Literary and Debating Society of my hall of residence a semester ago and that day, I was slated to represent my hall of residence. At first, I was excited when I heard the names of the dignitaries to be present at the event but that soon turn into fear: “What if I mess up?” “What if I forget my lines?”


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Lately, I have been speaking to people who should be podcasting. When I talk about the prospect of launching a podcast, I sense an immediate fear.  This is fine if it instantly fades away, but most times, it stays.

In some other case, it is not fear per se but excuses that can fill a whole exercise book. If you have your fears about launching a podcast, this is really for you.

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Selecting the best topic for your podcast is always the next issue you have to address once you make up your mind to podcast. More often than not, a couple of ideas will come to mind. At the same time, having to choose between many podcast topic ideas can be baffling. At the end of the day, you may find yourself saying this aloud:  “What exactly is the best topic to podcast about?”
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 The age of appointment listening in Nigeria is fast fading. As such, getting people to congregate on a particular show at the same time is gradually being replaced with something better, we call podcast.

Indeed, it is the age of on-demand audio. Unlike previous times, podcasts give listeners control over when they consume content and that makes a whole lot of difference. So why do we believe that podcast will take over in Nigeria? Continue reading

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