R005: My American Experience (1)

December 27, 2016

R005: My American Experience (1)

Finally, I get to talk about my American Experience! Yayyyyyy! Ok guys, I’ve got more to come but for a start enjoy my friend Justin (The Americanized Nigerian) and my amaziiiiiiing sister from another mother; Shannon—these two are part of the people making my stay super awesome!!


Today you’d hear Justin get down the Naija way; just so you know, it’s hilarious and my darling Shannon also spicing the program up with her warm voice and laughter!!!

When people say, ‘Lola you play too much’, I’m like “you need to see my circle of friends; we are happy children of Jesus and we don’t give no room for sadness”… Come on!! We always lit!
Anyway, enjoy this episode and if you still want more of my experiences, I’d be glad to bring it – I’m also a story teller too (you can read the 9 episodes of my nysc experience on facebook using #nysctales and you’d be convinced) and one more thing the songs in this episode will make your day!


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