Campus Palava,

C001: How Does it Feel to be an Assistant Boyfriend?

April 01, 2017

C001: How Does it Feel to be an Assistant Boyfriend?

In this maiden episode of Campus Palava, Abimbola and Gideon talks about a common phenomenon on Campus these days: Assistant Boyfriendship.

Welcome to the Campus Palava!

It’s been a long time coming! 18 months is indeed a long time but we are glad to be  “born again” in the form of “Campus Palava”. And we plan to be in this for a longer haul!

In case, you still don’t understand what Campus Palava is yet,  Campus Palava is Podlobe’s student channel focused solely on campus news and events across the nation. It tells you what has happened on various campuses and why you should know.  Learn more here.

To all the Presidents of the Club!

Everyone loves power and position, titles are not excluded. Some guys are aware of their positions, while some guys are presidents but they just don’t know it….you heard right, PRESIDENTS!
President of an association that was founded a long time ago. Now you’re wondering what association this is, it’s simply known as the Assistant Boyfriends Club (ABC)! Find out if you’re an assistant boyfriend in our very first episode and decide if you want to remain as one!

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