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S001: Story of Nigerian Banker Turned Hairstylist – with Bruno Oaikhinan 1

August 04, 2016

S001: Story of Nigerian Banker Turned Hairstylist – with Bruno Oaikhinan 1

From the moment I heard of the story of Bruno’s Place, I knew I had to speak with its founder. This very first episode of Swiych is about the entrepreneurial journey of a banker turned hair stylist. Having spent 14 years in the banking sector, he resigned to start his own business. His name is Bruno Oaikhinan.

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

  • when it first hit him that he could become a hairstylist,
  • why he was sacked in the first place,
  • what his wife thought when he informed her of his decision to quit banking
  • why and how he took close to three years to learn the trade, and
  • why he left his teacher/mentor in the trade to start his own brand, despite setting up two flourishing outlets.

Leaving a great bank job

Setting out to learn hair styling (a vocation many in Nigeria still consider as a trade for dropouts) came as a big shock to Bruno Oaikhinan’s friends and family. Worthy of note is his wife who was shocked in the beginning. However, 3 years down the line, Bruno—popularly referred to as the banker turned hair stylist—is now the Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) of Bruno’s Place. In this episode, Bruno speaks about this experience in a way not many would have expect.

Bruno’s Place

Bruno’s place is located in the two biggest malls in Nigeria. In addition to that, many local and international TV Channels (notably Channels and BBC), newspapers, and popular blogs in Nigeria have interviewed its founder, Bruno Oaikhinan.

Furthermore, Bruno’s Place also employs about 55 people and pays over 2 million naira as salary to employees. This is better understood when you compare it to the 500 thousand naira he received at his peak in the banking sector. He puts this in a better perspective in this episode.

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Bruno Oaikhinan

Finally, you will think this whole journey was an easy one for him, but Bruno Oaikhinan’s entrepreneurial journey was a grueling and humbling one.

Join me as I take you on a journey through the story of the “Nigerian banker turned hair stylist” who left well-paying but unsecured job for a shot at financial independence and multiple relevance. Listen now

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