S015: The Story of ccHUB Nigeria – with Bosun Tijani

November 16, 2016
The Mark Zukerberg Feect on Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

S015: The Story of ccHUB Nigeria – with Bosun Tijani

In our last episode, we started a conversation with Bosun Tijani, the CEO and co-founder of the Co Creation Hub (ccHUB), Nigeria. There he talked about the impact of Mark Zukerberg’s visit to Nigeria. In this episode, he shares with us the hidden ccHUB’s story.

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • what inspired Bosun to join AISEC in his undergraduate days,
  • what it looked like for Bosun growing up,
  • how the idea and name for ccHUB came.
  • the challenges ccHUB faced in its first year,
  • how it grew to where it is today, and the
  • services ccHUB offers to entrepreneurs.

Why I Joined AISEC

Association Internationale des étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (AISEC) is one of the foremost youth organization in the world. Bosun reveals why he joined this reputable organization. He talked about the amazing feat he achieved as an AIESECer and how working with AISEC led him to his first leadership roles. He also explains the AISEC connection to the creation of CoCreation Hub

The Co-Creation Hub Yaba (Photocredit: TechCabal)

The Co-Creation Hub Yaba (Photo Credit: TechCabal)

I Hawked Bread in Abeokuta

Who would have thought?! Bosun provides some privy information about his life especially his connection with the almighty Agege Bread. Bosun talks about how his father was one of the first people who started making this popular bread. Listen now.

Why We Started ccHUB

Femi Longe cofounded CoCreation Hub with Bosun Tijani. The two founders met while volunteering at AISEC. Bosun Tijani simplifies the approach of CoCreation Hub to simply creating solutions to problems that can advance the Nigerian system. He explains how the Hub has gone about achieving its objectives and the huge support it has received from the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

CcHub did not Start as a Tech Hub

Bosun reveals that CoCreation Hub is about social innovation, with or without technology. CoCreation Hub was built to be a social innovation centre dedicated to accelerating social capital and technology for economic prosperity. Nonetheless, he tells us why the Hub has concentrated so much on technology in the past few years of its existence.

The Co-founders of ccHUB

The Co-founders of ccHUB

Why Yaba is Strategic for Startups

Yaba is home to lots of tech startups in Nigeria. So much that it has been nicknamed Yabacon Valley; a moniker derived from America’s foremost startup city. CoCreation Hub has been the nucleus of the rise of that community. Bosun reveals some of the facilities present in Yaba that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. Listen to find out about them now!

The Open Lab at ccHUB

The Open Lab at ccHUB

In Conclusion

Bosun’s amazing story and CcHub’s rise as an innovation centre is awe-inspiring. However, as Bosun said, CcHub is happy to work with Nigerians who are taking initiative to provide innovative solutions to the myriads of problems in Nigeria.  Visit www.cchubnigeria.com now to see how you can take advantage of facilities provided at the CoCreation Hub.
The Co Creation Hub, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
The Co Creation Hub, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria (Photo Credit: Tech Cabal)

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Today's Guest

Bosun Tijani graduated from the University of Jos and did an MBA at the Lagos Business School. His social entrepreneurial project, the CoCreation Hub has fostered over 50 social entrepreneurial ideas include BudgIT, WeCyclers, and Truppr. In this interview, Samuel chats with Bosun on how he created CcHub and the challenges he has faced in building CcHub into a reputable and reliable home for Nigeria’s budding social entrepreneurs. Find out more about his amazing experiences and the CcHub Story.

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