S016: The Journey of a Millennial Entrepreneur – with Samuel Adeoye

November 23, 2016

S016: The Journey of a Millennial Entrepreneur – with Samuel Adeoye

In this episode, your favourite host, Samuel Adeoye tells us about his experience since he took the leap into founding Podlobe. Samuel started like any other undergraduate student venturing into entrepreneurship. Listen to him as he relives his journey so far as a millennial entrepreneur in Nigeria.

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

  • what I learnt launching out as a naive but enthusiastic entrepreneur in 2013

Entrepreneurship is not a fad

In recent times, the media has painted entrepreneurship very glamorously. So much that many people think it is a fad, which they must participate in . The statistics of successful start-ups is unfavourable when one realizes that over 90 percent of start-ups would fail. In this episode, I shed more light on what how millennial entrepreneurs should regard entrepreneurship and why you must careful consider your desire to start a venture.

Failure is necessary

When I could not get my photobook venture off the ground, I did not call it quits with entrepreneurship. I moved on to start another venture, which metamorphosed into Podlobe. Most millennial entrepreneurs are not willing to embrace failure and learn from it. In this episode, I shared how I accepted my failure as a key process to starting a successful venture.

The Goal of any Millenial Entrepreneur should be

I believe that solving a problem should be most important reason for starting a venture. An entrepreneur must be able to sustain his drive to solve problems especially those one in which he possess the skills to tackle. This is very important for aspiring millennial entrepreneurs. Money, fame and so on will follow when you create a successful venture. Listen to me elaborate on this.

Staying Consistent

It is often tempting to want to do everything at the same time. As I shared my story, I explained why you should focus on solving one problem at a time. In addition, I showed how this has helped me move forward since I began my entrepreneurial journey.

In Conclusion

Starting a venture should also help you grow as a person. The process of building a startup ensures you learn a lot while trying to solve that problem. Ensure you take note of these lessons.
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