S018: How to Run a Successful Business with Spouse – with Dr. & Mrs SunBashorun

December 07, 2016

S018: How to Run a Successful Business with Spouse – with Dr. & Mrs SunBashorun

In our last episode, we started a conversation with the family of SunBashorun, where they shared with us the story of FoodCo Nigeria. In this episode, Dr. & Mrs Sun Bashorun (married for about 34 years) shares tips and advice on how you can run a successful business with your spouse.

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • about ways to run a successful business with your spouse,
  • how to handle conflict with a spouse in business
  • how to make important and effective decisions with your spouse, and
  • how to cater for a possible break up.

A very popular catchphrase reads; Business and Friends Do Not Mix. This just explains that you should not mix cordial relationships with business relationships. Business could be very brutal, thus harm cordial relationships; while cordial relationship may be too casual, and thus harm business development. How have Dr. and Mrs Sun Bashorun effectively built a long lasting business as a couple? Listen to this podcast to find out.

Quick tips on how to run a successful business as a couple?

Mrs Bashorun highlights key qualities that couples must have before they can effectively run a business together. Accountability was top on her list; find out other characters couples must possess to succeed together in business.

How do you get to make important decisions?

Samuel asks the couple how they get to arrive at decisions concerning the company. Dr. and Mrs Bashorun share their decision-making processes and how it has worked for them to build Foodco to a reputable business. Listen to find out!

Couples must define roles In Business

There is no position in business called Husband or Wife. Thus, couples must properly define the roles of each person and must be careful not to interfere. When couples define their roles, decision making becomes easier. Dr. and Mrs Sun Bashorun shares how they have done this effectively.

How do you manage disagreements that occur in the course of business?

Disagreements are inevitable in business relationships, whether during decision making or when examining results. How do couples manage such disagreements without harming personal relationships. You should listen to this one!

How do you cater to a possible breakup?

No one wishes for an end to a romantic relationship but they do happen. In a situation where the couple run a business together, what happens to the businesses after such break ups. The couple give their opinions on how to ensure businesses last beyond personal relationships.

What advice do you give other parents who run businesses and their homes together?

 Mrs SunBashorun highlights that there is little difference women who work in other businesses and women who own their businesses. She adds that women must be able to allocate and manage their time effectively so that neither the family nor the business suffers. Listen to hear more tips about how mothers can run business and family efficiently. Dr. Sun Bashorun also advised the fathers in this podcast.
Dr. and Mrs Sun Bashorun, the couple behind FoodCo.
Dr. and Mrs Sun Bashorun, the couple behind FoodCo.


The joy of every couple is to live happily ever after. Building a successful home is great enough, going forward to build a successful business together is a hallmark of excellence. Although it is not any easy, it is not impossible- at least Mr and Mrs Bashorun have proved that it is very possible. You and your spouse can take your first steps towards building a great business together.
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