S019: 7 Things I wish I knew before becoming an Entrepreneur

December 15, 2016
Genesis Onomiwo

S019: 7 Things I wish I knew before becoming an Entrepreneur

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • why he quit school to follow his entrepreneurial ambition, and then returned after a year,
  • how he got his first customer,
  • 7 things he knows now that he wished he knew then as an entrepreneur,
  • how a potential investment almost ruined his business, and
  • how he fared in our word game segment.
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What Was Your First Business

Genesis started a greetings card business in secondary school. He sold these cards during the holidays. Genesis tells us how reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think And Grow Rich” influenced his business decisions as he worked to build a good business. And that inspired he to start a new business.

On Starting a Waterless Car Wash Business

After launching Autosparkle, Genesis and his partner quickly found how hard it was getting a single customer. These customers had mixed feelings towards the business at first. Mr Onomiwo narrates how customers had maintained that they do not need his services since they could use available labour at their homes and offices to wash their cars. Mr Onomiwo explains what he had to go through to get his business to run eventually.

How Did It Feel Like Getting Your First Customers

Genesis described what it felt like to have his first customer. Having gone through rejection from almost 20 corporate organizations, which were mostly banks, Genesis tells us what it meant to get one person to patronize his service. Listen to find out more.

7 things I wish I knew before becoming an Entrepreneu Featuredr
7 things I wish I knew before becoming an Entrepreneur with Genesis Onomiwo

Nothing Is Guaranteed In Life

One of the most important lessons learnt by Mr Onomiwo is that life has no guarantees. He thinks that people should make fewer decisions on speculations. Listen Now to Understand Why He thinks so.

7 Things about entrepreneurship he wished he knew then

  1. Overnight success in business takes a long time. Building a good business takes time and effort.
  2. Be Prepare For Unforeseen Situations.
  3. Employees may exit the business to pursue personal aspirations.

To learn more about other things he wished he knew  before setting out, listen to this podcast.

Get a Good Business or Legal Adviser

Furthermore, Genesis highlights the importance of getting legal advice when going into certain contractual agreements with a second party. Genesis narrates how having using a poor business adviser almost ruined his business. Listen Now To Find Out More.

Today's Guest

Genesis Onomiwo is passionate about entrepreneurship, his experience in this clime spans about 6 years. He is a graduate of architecture and a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management Chaterted. Genesis is also an alumnus of the Orange Academy, Lagos and cofounded Autosparkle, a waterless car washing company.

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