S023: The Story of Nigeria’s Fastest Logistics Company – with Chinedu and Akintayo

January 13, 2017

S023: The Story of Nigeria’s Fastest Logistics Company – with Chinedu and Akintayo

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • Things about the Co-founders of MAXng that is not on the internet;
  • How they met and agreed to work together;
  • How Max manages high churn (turnover) rate;
  • How they came about the name MAX and what it would have been if it wasn’t MAX;
  • How the first year of operation was like at MAX;
  • Online tools that MAXng’s CEO, Bamiduro Adetayo, uses to improve productivity; and
  • How MAXng’s CTO, Chinedu Azodoh fared in our word game.

Not on the Internet

Well, aside what we learnt from their LinkedIn, and Facebook profiles, Interview introductions, etc, we know there are other things about our guests that are not on the internet. In this episode, we asked Chinedu and Adetayo to delve into their lives and share something that we don’t know about them yet.

How they met

When two completely different world met, know that something unique happened and brought both worlds together. When the co-founders headed for their Masters at MIT, little did they know that they would eventually settle to work with each other for a long time. In this episode, Chinedu and Adetayo described how they met and agreed to work together.

Adetayo Bamiduro, Co founder and CEO, MAXng

If not MAX, then what?

What would have been the name? This is a question we ask our guest at Swiych. We understand the work that goes into selecting a name for a start-up/Business. The brainstorming sessions can be fun and at the same time demanding. We asked Chinedu, what the name would have been if it was not MAX. Download or stream live to know what the name is.

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Dealing with high churn (turnover) rate

Dealing with high churn rate is a burden most entrepreneurs hate to bear, especially when you are just starting out and limited on resources. But the story is different at MAXng. Instead of dreading this, folks at MAX are actually embracing it and building a system that allows for a win-win situation. Listen to this podcast now to discover how MAXng is using the high churn rate, common in its industry, to its own advantage.

The future of e-commerce in Nigeria Bright? Gloomy

Both Co-founders had their say on this. Chinedu shared what the future would hold for MAXng in Nigeria and Africa, as Adetayo looks at how the industry would shape up in the future.

Chinedu Azodoh, Co-founder and CTO, MAXng

At the end of the day, it was another enlightening episode and unique one for that matter. To round it up, Adetayo, the CEO of MAXng, shared a couple of tools that helps him to be more productive at home and at work. On the other hand, Chinedu, the CTO of MAXng, took on our word game! Find out more by downloading or streaming this podcast!

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