S032: How Successful Entrepreneurs Read Books

May 06, 2017

S032: How Successful Entrepreneurs Read Books

In two previous episodes, we talked about the top ten books you should read before the end of this year. Many listeners of this podcast have gone ahead to get some of the books. Which I think is mind blowing! In today’s episode, I will be showing you how successful entrepreneurs read books and how you can apply some of their techniques to achieve optimum result for your money and time investment.

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • about 7 top techniques many successful entrepreneurs use to get the best out of any book they read,
  • how to apply some of these techniques to the books you are about/currently reading.

Reading Blindly

You must have heard about the goldmine in the pages of many books but never for once found gold or silver while flipping the pages yourself. Chances are a lot has to do with how you read these books. The same way two men can both look at a cup and describe it different, is the same way two men can read a book and understand it differently.

In fact, another man may not understand it all!  Now, this has nothing to do with a personality you think cannot be changed but a mindset that can be transformed. So how do you get the best out of a book?  In this episode, I described how best to mine gold in books some have called a waste of time.


The best approach to Books

There is small paradigm shift that you need when you approach any book. It does not need any extra energy or pose. In fact, it does not cost you a dime. This shift, albeit weird and subtle, makes a remarkable difference in your reading experience. I believe that books reveal to us values and principles to the extent to which our eyes are opened. And that is self evident in every thing we do! So what exactly is this “small” (honestly small) paradigm shift that you need?

In conclusion

Finally, have you ever considered reading a book a month, as against trying to read a book/day or a book/week? The truth is this: you are not in a race with anyone, except yourself. The most important thing is NOT how many books we read, it is how much of the principles and values in these books that we use in your everyday life.

And does this make any difference?

Yes it does! I am a living and close example!

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