S025: How to Select the Best Email Service Provider

February 14, 2017

S025: How to Select the Best Email Service Provider

In this episode, I gave reasons why you should never send mass emails from your personal email address (Yahoo, Gmail Outllok, etc), how Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide a better and safer option, and described the key criteria that can help you select the best email service provider for your brand and business.

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

  • Why you should NEVER send mass/bulk emails from your personal email address,
  • How Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide a safer and better way out,
  • Popular ESPs available out there, and
  • 7 Criteria to evaluate when selecting an Email Service Providers.

How to Get into Trouble for Free

Sending mass emails through your personal email address can get you into big trouble. For instance, your mails might not be allowed to get to the recipients, you could be flagged online as a spammer, and worst still, you could be blocked and sometimes, fined. In this podcast, I explained why all these are real possibilities. If you are looking for free trouble from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), send mass emails with your personal email address.


Email Service Providers

Email Service Providers are companies dedicated and recognised as the “mail house” for bulk emails. They offer a legitimate and safer way to send mass emails to recipients. They make sure you compile with all CAN-SPAM Acts that protects the privacy and safety of all email account holders. There are more reasons why they are way better than your ISP (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc) for sending mass emails. I mentioned and explained them in this podcast.


Criteria for Selecting the Best Email Service Provider

With email marketing, “one size” does not fit it all. And as much as I would love to recommend the email service provider I use, helping you select the best one for your need is a better option.

Your brand or business needs differ from mine and others, we also are not at the same stage of business growth, so it would only be wise to select an email service provider based on your needs, budget, the company’s reputations, supports, deliver ability rate as well as other factors I elaborated on in this podcast.


Move now!

I cannot overemphasis the very importance of email marketing for your brand or business. But once you recognise this benefit, you should move fast to select an email service provider that suits your need.

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