S026: How to Write Emails that Get Opened and Read

February 19, 2017

S026: How to Write Emails that Get Opened and Read

In our last episode, I talked about how to select the best Email Service Provider for your brand/business. In this episode, I will be showing you how to write emails that actually get opened and read.

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

  • Why it is increasingly getting difficult for your subscribers to open your emails,
  • 6 top tips and techniques for writing emails that get opened and read instantly,
  • How to write a compelling and attractive subject line,
  • The first question you should ask yourself when you settle down to write an email for your email subscribers.

Get Permission (and make sure they are the right people)

As simple as this sounds, we always want to jump the gun and get those numbers to 1000, or 5000. The problem is, it never works that way. People rarely open unsolicited emails the first time, and they don’t the second time. If they do, chances are that they will be sending your emails to the spam box. Why? You never asked for their permission to send them emails! In this episode, I talked about how getting permission from a recipient can increase your chances of having your email opened and read.


Be Clear on What you Want to Achieve

The problem at times, is that we know we should be sending emails regularly. Yes, you should.But should that be the only reason? NO! Be clear on what you want to achieve when sending out emails. Let it be one thing and one thing alone! Let it be something that is worth more value to your recipient than to you. This my friend, is one of the 6 secrets of getting your mails opened and read.


Get Personal (Don’t be afraid of doing new things)


Yes, we say be careful the way you construct your emails. Yes, you should. So long your emails are informal and respectful, n0thing should stop you from getting out of the box and trying new things. Make it funky, at the same time be authentic and useful. In this episode, I also mentioned that a powerful way to making your emails personal is to ask questions. You will be surprised the responses you get!


And There are 3 More Tips!

Yes, 3 more tips you have probably not heard off or tried out. Listen to this podcast now to get not only these tips but also the questions that should run through your mind before you hit send!

Trust me, when you are one applying these tips, you open rate will skyrocket in time. Be consistent and be useful.

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