S028: Wait! Have You Considered Apprenticeship?

March 03, 2017

S028: Wait! Have You Considered Apprenticeship?

This episode centers around the immeasurable benefit of apprenticeship to an entrepreneur who wishes to succeed over a long period of time. Focus in this episode is on apprenticeship in the context of the Nigerian business environment.

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

  • The need for apprenticeship for an entrepreneur at a time like this,
  • Examples of successful Nigerian entrepreneurs who were once apprentices,
  • The immeasurable benefits of apprenticeship in the life of an entrepreneur, and
  • What to do if you have already launched your business/startup/social venture.

The Renaissance of Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study. Another way to look at it is this: ” “getting paid while learning the science and fine art of entrepreneurship”. Before formal education, apprenticeship was the major form of education, where young ones are sent to live with a skilled relative to learn a trade.

In recent times, there has been some sort of renaissance for this practices. Many are beginning to recognize that the skills that entrepreneurs are looking for are tough to teach in a classroom. There is therefore a need to provide a practical environment for the development of entrepreneurs, after all, and are better learned by doing.  Apprenticeship provides a very reliable answer to this.


Nigerian Apprentice-Turned-Entrepreneurs

In Nigeria, the business arena is littered with many successful entrepreneurs who were once apprentice. A perfect example is Cosmas Maduka, Chairman/CEO of Coscharis Group of Companies. At age 12, he began the life of an apprentice. Another great example is Nnamdi Ezeigbo, the founder and CEO of SLOT systems limited, whose time as an apprentice at Computer Village, Ikeja, inspired the name “Slot”. Other examples are Chief Micheal Ade-Ojo, Aliko Dangote, amongst many others.


The Immeasurable benefits of apprenticeship

According to Kyle Gray on Foundr Magazine, the practical experience, relationships and skills you develop during an apprenticeship can completely change the direction of your life. Working side by side with a successful entrepreneur can teach you subtle yet valuable lessons that you can’t pick up in a classroom. In this podcast, other benefits of taking this route on your entrepreneurial journey were outlined.

So if you aren’t satisfied with where you are heading to as an entrepreneur and you are looking to succeed long time in the Nigerian business setup, you may want to consider apprenticeship. Weird but true.


What if I already launched a business/Startup/Social Venture?

Chances are that you already have something going for you in the business world, but you know that to do more you will need to increase your personal capacity and pick up some new insight and skill. Any answer to this should be personal, but understanding how apprenticeship works and what it will do for you can help you make a wise decision.

However, If you do contemplate apprenticeship, know that you are the best candidate for such a role. This podcast also explains why.




Samuel Adeoye



Samuel Adeoye (popularly known as “Se7en” or the “Chief Trouble Maker at Podlobe”) is the lead podcaster at Podlobe and a budding Infrastructure Engineer. To reach Samuel, send him a mail at samueladeoye@podlobe.com.

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