Welcome to Swiych

Swiych is not just another entrepreneurship podcast. We go beyond the known and delve into helping you find the unknown. We do not stop there; we connect you every week with established entrepreneurs in Nigeria

We are more concerned with the "hows" and the "whys".

Features of Podcast

Swiych Podcast Style


Our style is different. We tell a story about the Interview. We want to be sure that every bit of the interview forms a big and clearer picture in your head.

Swiych Podcast Content


Our Podcast are short and succinct. We would rather having you gain alot from from a short podcast than try to impress you with a longer one.

Swiych Podcast Word Game

Word Game

And at the end of the day, there is a game for our guest! We know you love games; after all,  you are  an entrepreneur!

Podcast Epsiodes





Samuel Adeoye (popularly known as “Se7en” or the “Startup Engineer”) is an entrepreneurship enthusiast and the lead podcaster at Podlobe. He is also a big fan of Manchester United.

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