Podcast Will Take Over In Nigeria! Here is Why

 The age of appointment listening in Nigeria is fast fading. As such, getting people to congregate on a particular show at the same time is gradually being replaced with something better, we call podcast.

Indeed, it is the age of on-demand audio. Unlike previous times, podcasts give listeners control over when they consume content and that makes a whole lot of difference. So why do we believe that podcast will take over in Nigeria?

Having Control

People love to have control and that is increasingly true in recent times, where there is just so much to do and so much deadlines to beat.


With podcast, listeners now have control over what they listen to, when they listen to it and most importantly how they listen it it. This feature is unprecedented by any other media.

Having access to great content is not enough; getting to consume them at your own convenience is what is gradually making the rounds in the media industry.

With the rise of products like YouTube, ITunes, Sound cloud and a number of other products that allow people consume content at their leisure, podcasting is followed this rise. And Nigeria is not far behind in these things.


The number of smartphone in Nigeria keeps increasing. This means more Nigerians are empowered to listen and share podcasts. But away from what you might think. Podcasts are not new and came with the rise in the use of Apple’s iPods.

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The rise of planet Podcast

The rise in podcasting also means more people will listen to podcasts. This is a reason to start your own podcasts so you can build followership over time.  With technology improving every day, there will be more devices that can download or stream podcasts.

Take for instances, cars. Cars in Nigeria will soon come with internet connectivity and people will be able to listen to podcasts more. With more voice technologies developed, the more podcasts are listened to and shared. The same way television has evolved in digital technology, audio will do the same.

People will have more power to control their consumption of audio and be able to build conversations around them. Put in simple terms, broadcast audio will lose ground to on-demand audio.

Thinking Podlobe

At Podlobe, we are already anticipating this future and are building a platform to enables you and I enjoy great podcast in Nigeria. We strongly believe that by listening you can think and create the future others can only imagine.

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Habeeb Kolade (popularly known as “Professor X”) is the brain behind everything content and brand marketing at Podlobe. He has spent the last four years in the content and brand marketing world, despite graduating as a Mechanical Engineer.

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