Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Swiych Podcast

You may have that conviction to start your entrepreneurial journey, or go on a course to change the world, earlier than you planned. And whether you are a greenhorn, or have built up experience as you find your feet building a great venture or solving a problem, Swiych podcast provides you with the support you need.

What Swiych does

Swiych brings to you real life experiences of renowned entrepreneurs who have made significant progress in their careers.   There are thousands of mistakes or great initiatives entrepreneurs make which are unique to their entrepreneurial journeys but what is most significant to entrepreneurs is that they learn as quickly as possible and stay nimble.

Rather than make all the mistakes or bury yourself to light your bulb up, you could learn from the experiences of the entrepreneurs and business experts featured on Swiych.

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Check these Episodes out

Swiych comes up every Wednesday with our host Samuel Adeoye. Check out these interesting and enlightening podcasts on entrepreneurship on previous episodes of Swiych.

S003: Starting Small – with Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie

Starting Small in Nigeria Dr, Henrietta Onwuegbuzie Illustration by Laura Lozano

In this episode, Dr. Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, a leading faculty at the Lagos Business School, explains with real life examples, the concept of starting small. In addition to that, this episode covers some of the potential landmines of starting big. It also describes how you can conquer big markets despite your small size.

S004: How I Raised Money to Start Keexs – with Jide Ipaye

Crowdfunding campaign in Nigeria with Jide Ipaye on SwiychIn this episode, Jide Ipaye describes how he raised £17,871, an equivalent of 8 million naira, from strangers in 6 weeks. Jide Ipaye is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Keexs, who needed this fund was to start production of his socially conscious footwear, Keexs—the first in Africa.

S007: Top Ten Business Plan Mistakes – with Aderonke Awomolo

Top Ten Mistakes Nigerian Entrepreneurs make when writing a business plan.

A business plan is a startup’s road map, necessary for keeping the enterprise on track. However, many entrepreneurs fail to learn how to write an error-free business plan. As a result, they fail to get the required assistance to succeed. In this podcast, Aderonke Awomolo, a leading business consultant in Nigeria, describes top ten business plan mistakes in Nigeria.


S010: Why I Left London to sell Socks in Nigeria – with Segun Abiona

Nicole and Giovanni Socks Swiych PodcastIn this episode, Segun Abiona, CEO/Founder of Nicole and Giovanni Socks, shares the story of how he left Barclays Bank in London to come sell socks in Nigeria. His story is even more important to share when you look at the fact that all he does is sell socks.

There are still more!

Don’t miss out on these exciting podcasts as more entrepreneurs and business experts share their journeys and tips on how to move your ventures forward. Subscribe to Podlobe now and enjoy enlightening and exciting podcasts.




Habeeb Kolade (popularly known as “Professor X”) is the brain behind everything content and brand marketing at Podlobe. He has spent the last four years in the content and brand marketing world, despite graduating as a Mechanical Engineer.

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