When is it called a Podcast?

 I have had to explain what a podcast is to many people. Some find it easy to understand, others, ermmmm not exactly.

If all things fail, I just say “As Youtube is to TV, so is Podcast to Radio.” This is debatable to people already know a lot about podcast. However, to someone who has probably never heard of a podcast (yes! they do exist), this makes the whole concept easier to understand.

Some Podcast “Gurus”

Some podcast “gurus” overlook the simplicity of this illustration and overthink the whole idea. The concept here is simple: if you can think of what YouTube (or any other specialised video site) is doing to TV, then you would be able to understand what podcast is doing to radio.

Furthermore, both Youtube and any Podcasting platform are a result of the internet era. On the other hand, TVs and Radio are traditional broadcasting platforms. One group is difficult to set up and govern by stricter rules, the other group is not.

If it can’t be uploaded onto the internet on a regular basis and cannot be subscribed to via RSS Feeds, it is not a podcast.

A podcast is a digital file uploaded onto the internet on a regular basis and can be subscribed to via RSS feeds. Podcast are more popular for its audio versions.
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You won’t be wrong to refer to audio podcast as just podcast. As a matter of fact, if you tell me that you have just listened to a podcast, the first thing that comes to my mind (and indeed that of many other podcasters) is audio.

Why? It is the most popular category of podcast! In fact, it is the reason why the word “podcast” is popular in the first place. To emphasise this, for every one vidcast (video podcast), there are at least 5 audio podcasts on all podcasting platforms I have used. And trust me, I have visited quite a lot.

YouTube has a lot to do with this too. The video giant (and many other dedicated video sites) just refers its episodically published video content as just “videos” and not “video podcast” or “vidcast”, deprecating the term “vidcast” or “video podcast”.

Even though audio has been synonymous to podcast, podcast can also be video, text or ePub files. We stick with the first.


I hope you now understand when to call that media file a podcast. In our next post, we would discuss some misconceptions about podcast.

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Samuel Adeoye (popularly known as “Se7en” or the “Startup Engineer”) is a Civil Engineer and entrepreneurship enthusiast. He is lead podcaster and the Chief TroubleMaker at Podlobe.

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