5 Golden Rules To Choosing A Good Podcast Name

Choosing a good podcast name is by no means an easy feat. However, if the right steps are taken, it may be a ride in the park. Here you would find a list of important things that can help you choose a good podcast name.

Why this step is important 

The name of your podcast is usually your first contact with potential listeners. You remember the saying about making a good first impression. First, you have to understand that there is no substitute for a good podcast. A good name would only attract listeners but it won’t keep them. Therefore, the first thing is to ensure that you have a good plan to produce good podcast that people want to listen to. Then, choosing a good podcast name would help you.

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Who are your target audience

This can help you dictate what language, tone or style your podcast name should take. It is important in choosing a good podcast name that your audience understand what your podcast is about or can suggest what it might be. Although other brand items like taglines could help explain further, getting it right from the name is a huge plus.

Find the target and hit it (Photocredit:

Find the target and hit it (Photo credit:

What niche is your podcast 

Get to understand what segment your podcasts falls in the categories of industries or topics available. When you do this, it gives you an insight into common terms that are associated with that niche and words are may be offensive as well. Because you intend targeting people who are interested in this niche, you should find terms that they can easily relate with. Nobody would try to find out the meaning of your brand name. So make it as familiar as possible.

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Do a name search 

By now, you might have come up with a number of suggestions on what your podcast name would be. The next step is to do a keyword search of your title to ensure that it is not too similar with a brand in your industry or other industries. Choose a name that is distinct. Be Creative. Ensure that your name is not competitive with other brand names. Stand Out!

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Make it meaningful

When choosing a good podcast name, ensure that the name you choose has a significant meaning behind it, whether literally or figuratively. It is good you are able to tell the story behind your podcast name. This would also evolve in your other brand copies. Give your podcast name some life.

Make it memorable

Let your podcast name resonate when your potential listeners come across it. Make sure it cannot be easily forgotten. Check from your list which names have that stickiness factor and also fulfils all of the above. If you have one or a number of them. Just choose the one you love. You may also find out from people around you what they think about the name you have chosen.

Set your imagination free! (Dribbble)

Set your imagination free! (Dribbble)

Choosing a good podcast name is really important for your podcasting journey. You may eventually change the name in future but rebranding comes with its own problems. You can avoid the need for rebranding from the start and choose a podcast name that can last a lifetime.

Good luck!





Habeeb Kolade (popularly known as “Professor X”) is the brain behind everything content and brand marketing at Podlobe. He has spent the last four years in the content and brand marketing world, despite graduating as a Mechanical Engineer.

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