R001: Cold Words

November 09, 2016

R001: Cold Words

Thank You

Yayyyy! Razzor is finally live on Podlobe. The show you have been anticipating! Thank you so much for joining me today.

Now, straight to today’s episode, our very first episode!

Cold Words

As humans we can be very funny. We rarely think before we speak, we just “trump” it all out like that person doesn’t have any worth! Goodness! Anyway, I just have one question for you: “how do you manage your emotions when spoken bluntly to?”

All the details you need is a download away so make that click and let’s relate!


Remember please be as real as you can in your responses because if there’s one thing I learnt from my momma, it’s to be true to yourself in and every way because that’s one person in this world you can’t deceive!

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