R003: Spent Energy; Yet Same Results – with Nkem Lola

December 14, 2016

R003: Spent Energy; Yet Same Results – with Nkem Lola

The strength of man is individualistic. With that being said, every situation also has a golden need called strategy. So don’t feel like your problem is bigger or smaller (everything about you is unique, from start to finish). It all depends on how we ‘individually’ handle it.

You still need a strategy

Strategy may not be the next best thing you want to hear especially after you’ve tried and tried your heart out. However,  do not to quit on your trials because not everyone gets that. In fact, some people have gone with the ‘tide’ but you are still here. That fact alone is worth more than a ‘smile’ (even if the issue isn’t helping you see that).

Don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to feel weak, broken and out of place. However, I’m going to tell you not to wallow in it!

And that’s it, it can’t be overemphasized!

When worry resides in there

Funny enough, you may have been on and on in circles (you never know) and maybe, just maybe, skipped the “light bulb” for the situation. You know why? It is simple; 95% of your heart is clouded with worry. The 5% left? That is too small for peace! This makes it an eternal struggle to re-strategise.

Hey, the good books tell us that, ‘no one can add an inch to him/herself with worry’, so why not spend the energy on something fun, something you can control?

That way, you’d be refreshed with better ideas flowing like fresh air.

Most importantly

Most importantly, you’re alive and you can talk to someone. This could be a friend, or a loved one. You might even reach out to a mature and relative mind. Whatever you do, don’t ‘swim in the tide alone.

Trust me, they also have their struggles. You’d be surprised to hear about their stories, how they handled theirs and learn how to enable your glories. But how would you know if you do not relate with them?

NB: Strategy is for the living, keep that in mind!

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