R007: My American Experience (2) – Nkem Lola

January 10, 2017

R007: My American Experience (2) – Nkem Lola

Yeeeeeees! I am back with my American experience. Again, it is with my girl Shannon and Justin aka Babatunde.

My goodness! He is so enthusiastic about Nigeria and hopes to travel down there someday! He is so much fun!


I’m so sorry for how I sound in this episode but I lost my voice to the wind (all part of American experience). But not to worry, I didn’t let that stop me especially when I have lively people like Shannon and Justin around me.

Ok so in this episode, we continued with food, music, accents/pronunciation and it was super hilarious!

Sadly, the series is coming to an end; we just have part 3 left so if you missed out on the first part, you can always check back on the website for a good laugh!


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