R010: To Friends Who Closer More Than a Brother

February 11, 2017

R010: To Friends Who Closer More Than a Brother

Time Doesn’t Care!

Appreciate today, tomorrow and always. Time doesn’t care about “busy”; it’d keep ticking, it’s not its business what we do with it so it’s left to us as individuals to tell that one person or those people who keep(s) sticking more than a brother(s) ‘thank you’; make him or her or them know that they are valued by you… You may say you do but in reality is it true? No judging at all, just a reminder.


Appreciate All Things!

Anyway, it’s good to appreciate yourself, people, God, processes, results, mistakes, lessons, moments, life etc. and as much as social media and technology have brought us closer, (I appreciate that) there still is a significantly-insignificant gap meaning it may seem redundant or small or unimportant but it’s grave! A gap that only our conscious efforts can bridge. So whatever you do, just remember this, you won’t have all the time in the world but the people or person you have would make 24 hours seem more—it’s all in the appreciation.

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Omolola Nkem Odeniyi



Omolola Nkem Odeniyi (popularly known as “NkemLola” the NigerianHybrid) is the host of Razzor podcast. She is God’s leading lady; Multifaceted, an Undisputed Optimist and a Human Smiley who loves work but cherishes sleep! She is quite picky with food but never gives up on her chocolates!

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