R017 : MY – MUSE – AND – ME

May 02, 2017

R017 : MY – MUSE – AND – ME


I know when many hear muse, they think towards pencil art, acrylics, oil paints etc. but we forget that as humans, we are all ‘art works’ and at the same time ‘art workers’ meaning we are God’s first, then others next. To no surprise, someone asked me, ‘what’s muse?’ and I simply said, “inspiration” but to some especially those who are very neural, it’s beyond that!


You see in this life every single person finds something or someone that’s undoubtedly special and another funny thing is that these things or these persons are in a way time dependent, I say this because as you get older; I mean we all know that every sleep and wake time is growth so as I was saying as you get older; things change—place, moments, reactions, work, interests, perspectives, ideas, love, attitude, character you name it but one thing that just is so very hard to change (even if it may eventually change) is that one thing or person you’ve shared deeply rooted things with! Boy it’s hard to change that because on every remembrance (ideally), you are to be motivated; be it a positive remembrance or a negative one… Now that’s a typical muse for some people.


Now me: those who know me, I mean really know me know that two things ooze out of me every single time come rain or shine—my smile and my energy and this is because I’m of the belief that the One I bear in me is neither dull nor weak and so for that I remain a steady reflection of this entity. This is where my inspiration stems from— ‘the ever strong and ‘on cloud nine’ God is my Muse’– My Unspeakable Surreal Entity.


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Omolola Nkem Odeniyi



Omolola Nkem Odeniyi (popularly known as “NkemLola” the NigerianHybrid) is the host of Razzor podcast. She is God’s leading lady; Multifaceted, an Undisputed Optimist and a Human Smiley who loves work but cherishes sleep! She is quite picky with food but never gives up on her chocolates!

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