R006: Reflection Tips to Lead You into the New Year

January 03, 2017

R006: Reflection Tips to Lead You into the New Year

Happy New year people.

It’s another opportunity in 365 ways, that’s a whole lot but if you don’t make good use of it, it’s slip off your fingers in no time. Also, be aware that there’s more to achieve in this year if you look on the bright side—I don’t know where you left off in 2016 but hey, you have 2017 and it’s 2 days short already so get up and get busy.

Most importantly go easy and be realistic with your resolutions; don’t be a copy-cat—find what suits you and would be good for you even after 2017 is over. Don’t compare your plans; instead, be inspired by them for whatever you believe is what you’d receive!

Above all, maintain a grateful heart whether times are good or bad for there is always, always something to be grateful for.

Cheers to a bigger, bolder and brighter year!

Omolola Nkem Odeniyi



Omolola Odeniyi (popularly known as “NkemLola”) is a podcaster at Podlobe, currently hosting Razzor podcast. She is God’s leading lady; and a human smiley who loves work but cherishes sleep! She does not like noodles and cheese, just give her chocolate!

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