R002: Should relationships Make You Lose Friends?

November 15, 2016

R002: Should relationships Make You Lose Friends?

Not Rocket Science

Relationship is not rocket science, it’s simply treating others how you expect others to treat you!

It’s no doubt that the world we live can be very selfish but you don’t have to be selfish. You should learn to discuss, listen, understand and make allowance. This episode explains how you can do that in simple steps.

Building a Relationship

Building a relationship is like planting a seed and in order for it to germinate to its fullest, it needs more than watering; it needs sunlight, air, fertilizers etc so that the result can be worth it.

Look, if you treat your relationship like a plant you won’t be bothered by the friends of your partner because there is an established love and respect for one another.

It’s only when you allow insecurity set in and when you lack the above four notes of relationship that you begin to see external relationships e.g friendship as a threat!


Believe me, giving up your friend is not the way; you might need him or her at some point and sadly you may become strangers by then! Listen to this podcast to better understand how to improve your relatinship with your friend or partner.

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Omolola Nkem Odeniyi



Omolola Odeniyi (popularly known as “NkemLola”) is the host of Razzor podcast. She is God’s leading lady; and a human smiley who loves work but cherishes sleep! She does not like noodles and cheese, just give her chocolate!

  • GMSadewale

    Should relationships make you lose friends? In my own opinion no it shouldn’t, but at every point in life we should be a to divine our relationship with people and friends. E.g in Marital relationship, one should have limit to what you share with your friends concerning your relationship, but most of the times (ladies in particular) they ignore there friends for years because they are in relationship. and so on.

    • Heyy Adewale, I think I agree with you on the limits. But that you are in a relationship should not make you lose sight of the friends you have had for years. That being said, not all that is going on in a relationship should be shared with friends. you rock!

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