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S002: Story of Nigerian Banker Turned Hair Stylist – with Bruno Oaikhinan 2

August 06, 2016
Bruno Oaikhinan Banker turned hair stylist - swiych podcast

S002: Story of Nigerian Banker Turned Hair Stylist – with Bruno Oaikhinan 2

This is the concluding part of the story of Bruno Oaikhinan; the Nigerian Banker turned Hair Stylist. Bruno Oaikhinan was the Head, Internal Communication, Skye Bank before he resigned to start his own salon brand, Bruno’s Place.

In this episode, you will learn about the following:

  •  raised about 8 million naira to start his business,
  • grew his business by focusing on “employees’ welfare and development”,
  • got his space for his business in Ikeja Mall against all odds,
  • plans to build a business empire from this, and how he
  • fared in our game segment.

The Stigma in the beginning

Many “educated” minds in Nigeria do not consider running a salon as a lucrative business worthy of their status. More often than not, it is regarded as a business meant for dropouts. In light of this, no one saw it coming when the head of a department in a reputable bank announced his decision to quit, starting a salon business.

Banker turned Hair Stylist

Barely 3 years after that audacious move, Bruno Oaikhinan is now celebrated as the Banker turned Hair Stylist revolutionizing the way many see the hair styling industry.  He is the Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) of Bruno’s Place, a brand much more than just a salon.

Currently, his Startup is located in two big malls in Nigeria. In addition, many local and international TV Channels (notably Channels and BBC), Newspapers, and popular Blogs have interviewed him.

Bruno's Place
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A growing business

Bruno’s Place is fast growing into Nigeria’s most innovative and people oriented hair styling brand. This would not have been possible had Bruno Oaikhinan not risk it all. Leaving a well-paying job to start a business you have never done before is not an easy decision to make. It is a risk many people are afraid to take. “What if I Fail?” But have you ever considered what if you don’t?

The lessons

There are lessons from this story cuts across all aspects of life. While there are specific lessons, we want you to learn, there are other underlying principles. These principles can help you take risky decisions and become a success where others have failed.

About our Guest

Bruno Oaikhinan is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Bruno’s Place, a business much more than just a unisex salon. He is a certified Brand Strategist from the Orange Academy. He was formerly the Head of Communications at Skye Bank before resigning to start his own business 3 years ago. Bruno’s place has two branches in two large malls in Nigeria (Abuja and Lagos), and employs about 55 staffs.

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