S022: How to get Media Coverage for your Startup/Business

January 06, 2017

S022: How to get Media Coverage for your Startup/Business

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • how he stumbled into media,
  • how he lost 20 million naira in his first venture,
  • why media coverage is important for a Startup/Business,
  • about the mindset you should have when trying to get media coverage for your business, and
  • how a startup/business can get media coverage without spending a dime.

I Lost 20 Million Naira in my First Venture

I worked with Globacom before I resign and started my own business. I had no experience and very little knowledge about running a business. Training services company. After two years, the business failed and I lost my investment of over 20 million naira.

Take Advice From Only Experienced Persons

When taking advice about business, you should take them from experienced persons. Starting out as a training services company, CFA talks about how taking the wrong advice led him to lose over 20 million naira investment.

Why You Must Be Proactive

CFA wanted to be a diplomat. However, he eventually veered off into media. CFA advices on why it is important to be proactive in going for the things you want. He explains how this helped him get a job at Globacom and how proactivity is an important part of being a successful entrepreneur.

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Why Your Business Will Always Need Media

To make sales, people need to know about your business. CFA explains why it is important for businesses to make themselves known. He gives scenarios of when getting a good coverage could spell more fortunes for a business. He further outlines what you need to do use the media accordingly.

How Important Integrity is in Business

CFA explains why it is very important to deliver as you promise. Being trustworthy in very important to growing in business. He buttresses on the why entrepreneurs must keep to their words if they want to have a successful business.

How Entrepreneurs Can Get Sustained Media Coverage At Low Cost

Getting media coverage in traditional and new media is essential but expensive. CFA shares how he creatively sustained media coverage at low cost. Listen now to learn his tricks.

Today's Guest

CFA co-produces and presents Tech Trends, a weekly Tech show on Channels Television (www.CFA.ng/tv) and writes the ICT Clinic column, published weekly in the Sunday Punch (www.CFA.ng/punch) as well as Tech on Wheels, a nationally syndicated radio show airing across multiple states (www.CFA.ng/radio). CFA is the Founder of TechSmart.ng, a tech blog that covers everything tech.

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