S033: While You Work For Others

May 27, 2017

S033: While You Work For Others

“Samuel, I have side business and a job to help support me till I can stand alone. However, I find myself thinking and working on my business even while at work. I mean I try my best to do what is required of me at work before switching, but It seems I am consumed by my own business that I barely have enough time to be proactive at work. What should I do?

Today’s episode answers this question.

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • the answer to the question above,
  • what your priority should be while working for another,
  • how you should see yourself in the time being,
  • how best to manage the situation if you don’t like the job.

Anything Wrong With It?

I sense that many people think it is a sign of failure, when they have to supplement their business income with earned salary. There is no right or wrong answer to this. And I am not about to take any side. It is only a sign of failure when your sense of self worth comes from people; when you are happy only when they think you should be happy.

Depending on your reason, working for others while trying to build your business, can be a great idea or a terrible one. When you clearly need the experience and understanding, or you can do with the income till you gain more traction, it is a great idea. And it is from that angle, I approach today’s episode.

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How To Approach it?

How you see that job is the starting point of how you treat it. In this episode, we trashed out the basic paradigm from which you approach your job. Until that is settled, you might has well be wasting precious job time doing business’ work or precious business time doing job’s work. Depends on how you see it.

However, there is an approach (backed by natural laws, principles and years of experience of other people) that you must follow if you will succeed. This podcast emphasizes that “approach”

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