S040: 7 Essential Tips for Naming Your Business/Startup

November 25, 2017

S040: 7 Essential Tips for Naming Your Business/Startup

“What is my name?” …How would you remember, when it is not memorable? Names can be very powerful, when chosen carefully. This episode shares 7 tips for naming your business/startup or any project for that matter.

Episode Takeaways

In this episode, you will learn

  • how to get the best out of a brainstorming session,
  • how to choose a memorable name,
  • how to check if your preferred name is available for use, and
  • how not to place a limitation on your business with your choosen name,
  • how to get feedback from others on your preferred name, and
  • why your name must sound authentic.

You only have to do this Once

Selecting a name suitable for your idea, be it a business, startup or project, is usually a one-off investment. Once chosen, you stick with it for years to come. Hence, the time spent on it now is always worth the investment.

We can fall into the trap of getting other things ready for that big idea, only to realize we haven’t given enough time into what it would be called. This episode emphasizes the importance of a good name to your business.


S040 - 7 Essential Tips for Naming Your Business Startup Social Media

Is it Available for use?

Before you start loving that “new name of yours” you may want to check if it is available for use. A simple google search can save you from a legal battle in furture that may cost you and your business a fortune.

You also don’t want to stop there. We live in an era, where every business should have an online presence. You want to make sure that your website url is the same as your business/startup/project name.  You should even take this a step further by checking if social media handles for this name is still available across your preferred social media platforms. In this episode, I mentioned three tools that can help you check if your preferred name is available and free for your use.

In conclusion

There are other crucial tips on naming your business/startup/idea that I mentioned in this episode.  You should listen now.

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Samuel Adeoye



Samuel Adeoye (popularly known as “Se7en” or the “Startup Engineer”) is an entrepreneurship enthusiast and the lead podcaster at Podlobe. He is also a big fan of Manchester United.

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