Why You Should Listen To Your Audience

Podcasting can be fun- something you look forward to and cannot seem to push the stop button. You want to talk on and on and have your listeners wallow in the wisdom of your great content. It is great that you enjoy it, but if you want to build a great community around your podcast, you must begin to listen to your listeners.

One of the advantages that podcasting gives is the ability to monitor feedback with better tools. Unlike radio, it is easier to know what your listeners think on each episode that you send out.

It Is Not About You

Despite the fact that you totally love what you do, when podcasting, it is all about the people listening to you. Without them, it might just be better to record voicenotes and listen to yourself each and every time. So when you prepare for your podcasts, ensure that you always have your audience in mind.


Listening to your audience

The point of listening is neither to agree or disagree, it is to understand what is being said. Photo Credit:

To Create Better Podcasts

When you listen to your listeners, you get feedback that helps you improve your podcast. As we discussed earlier, the better it is that you make your listeners happier, the better it is for your podcast brand. Listeners listen to your podcasts in a very different way from the way you listen to them. There are chances you overestimate or underestimate some of the things you say on your podcast or how you say them. The listener are more detached from the podcast and thus, can give a broader perspective on how well you are doing with your podcast.


To Build Bigger Communities

When listeners find out that you listen to them, they are most willing to follow your podcast. They begin to feel they are part of your podcast journey and are excited that their contributions are carefully considered. This helps you grow your community of loyal listeners. The listeners may eventually become your podcast evangelists and share your podcasts in their circles. When you listen to your listeners, it makes them feel special; and that is what you should always target. Make your listeners happy and fulfilled because they listen to you and because you listen to them.


Learning Is Continuous

There is a Japanese term called Kaizen. It means continuous improvement. We are never fully wise. When we listen to people’s reactions about what we do, it helps us learn more. There are times when listeners who mention a key term you have never heard about before. It is important you consider those suggestions and learn more. When you learn more, you continuously improve you understanding of your field which eventually ensure that you improve on what you do. It makes it easier to reach the summit on your carrier, from climbing on the shoulders of your listeners.

Sure you heard about this before: “The day we stop learning, that day we died”. Photo Credit:

Staying Motivated

Indifference is the most poisonous reaction you can get from people for anything you do- that situation where they do not care at all, about what you do. Positive and negative feedback means only one thing- that you have an audience who care enough to have a reaction about what you do. You cannot be angry about what you do not care about. When you listen to your listeners and hear both their positive and negative review, it means they care enough about what you do. This should keep your motivated that you are striking the right cords. However, you should try to work on their suggestions, so you can have happier listeners.


Helps You Innovate

When listeners continuously complain about a particular feature of your podcast, it gives you the chance to innovate to fix such problems and make your podcasts better. Podcasting requires continuous innovation, feedback helps you identify where to innovate. When you get feedback from your listeners, it ensures you don’t get stuck. Continuous feedback breeds continuous innovation. Your goal should always be to get better. Listening to your listeners would definitely ensure this.


When next you create your podcasts, ensure you have a place for getting feedback. It can only yield a fruitful result. Happy Podcasting.




Habeeb Kolade (popularly known as “Professor X”) is the brain behind everything content and brand marketing at Podlobe. He has spent the last four years in the content and brand marketing world, despite graduating as a Mechanical Engineer.

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