Qualities of a Great Podcast Name

Having already decided on the best central theme/ topic for your podcast, you are most likely faced with another question: how do I choose the best name for my podcast?

Choosing a great podcast name can be as tricky as selecting your podcast subject in the first place. However, it is not beyond brainstorming. As a matter of fact, moments of creativity all through history came either during or after a brainstorming session.

But why is this process so important?

It is easy to reach more people when they can relate to your podcast name. As a matter of fact, you spend less promoting your brand because they can say for sure what you sell. In addition to that, a great podcast name can help you connect with the audience you hope to attract without you having to say a word.

Moreover, it is not unusual to have a brand’s growth or survival limited by a name. Take for example a business man, who decides to name his restaurant KFC in his village (with now affiliation to the real KFC). It would be impossible for him to expand into any city, talk less of outside the country. Why invest your time, network and resources into the wrong name?

I must also draw your attention to this: don’t expect anyone to choose a name for you. Even Cliff Ravenscraft (The Podcast Answerman) in all of his 11 years of podcasting, cannot choose a name for you.

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Yes, I can suggest or nudge you towards the path, but to pick for you, is unfair. How can I help? Here are the top qualities a great podcast name has.

1. It fits your brand

A great podcast name always fit the personality of the podcaster. Let’s forget this shout about customer, customer, customer, and let’s be real for once. The biggest brands we have today didn’t consult their customers before giving their business a name. Now don’t misunderstand me, suggestions are welcomed, but at the end of the day, it is your show. You will be the one spending numerous hours and days behind the scene building that podcast, the best you can do for yourself is choose a name that resonates well with your personality/brand.

2. It is Authentic

Who says your podcast has to be an English word? I mean, who put you in that box and threw the keys away? A great podcast name is authentic. This is not to mention that anything authentic resonates well with your brand and the people you want to reach. Take for example the “Straight Outta the Calabash” Podcast, what is more authentic about a name than that?!

I can’t wait for a Nigerian podcast named “The Danfo Podcast”. All I am saying is let your podcast be authentic and real. People don’t connect with fake. Even fake people don’t connect with their counterparts!


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3. It is memorable

You see, if you plan to be remembered at all, it starts with a great podcast name. Ever been to a gathering and couldn’t remember every other people’s name except one? Yeah what made you remember? It was a memorable name! Ask yourself this question: “Will this name be memorable to my potential audience? Or is it going to be just “one of them”? And this is where feedback from friends and potential listeners becomes relevant. Indeed, a simple way to make your podcast name memorable is to ensure that it is easy to read and spell.

Indeed, a simple way to make your podcast name memorable is to ensure that it is easy to read and spell.

4. It is Intuitive

I have to agree that this is not always easy. And if you are stubborn like me, you can do it the hard way: choose a name that is not intuitive and then invest your time and resources making it memorable. This is never easy. I repeat that is never easy, and I always ask: must you do it the hard way?

When potential listeners come across an intuitive name, you don’t have to spend any dime on telling him what your podcast is all about.  This can save time and resources and even open your content to “lazy” surfers.

5. It is available

Of what use is a name that has it domain name bought by someone else? Not much. As you come up with several names during your brainstorming session and as you patch it through people you respect, it is wise to do a name search alongside it. “” is a great platform that allows you check if the URL of your chosen name is available. There were several intriguing names we had to ditch at Podlobe just because every time we checked for them on, we were told it wasn’t available.

Another good practice is to ensure that the username name on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or any other social media platform is still available. This is to ensure consistency across all platforms. allows you do this across numerous platforms with just one click.

What If You Have a Business Already?

And ohh, I must mention this: If you are a business oriented podcaster, your podcast name should naturally take the name of your business brand. This makes sense, and saves you a lot of stress, time and resources. In the event that even your brand name does not satisfy at least 3 of the following qualities, you need to sit down and evaluate things again. Have you considered changing your brand name altogether?


To sum it up, any good podcast name will satisfy at least 3 of these qualities. A great podcast name will satisfy at least 4.

Samuel Adeoye



Samuel Adeoye (popularly known as “Se7en” or the “Startup Engineer”) is a Civil Engineer and entrepreneurship enthusiast. He is lead podcaster and the Chief TroubleMaker at Podlobe

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