How To Write A Good Podcast Script

When you are just starting a podcast series, you will quickly find out it is best not to talk without a guide. This is important when you run retakes nine or ten times before you become organized. Just as a movie needs a script, you need a good podcast script too to guide you to delivering a great podcast episode. A podcast script provides you a framework for your episode. Here, you will learn how to write a good podcast script in 10 basic steps.

1. Create an Outline


It is necessary to first highlight the most important segments of your episode. These may be a breakdown of what you intend to talk about or it could be the timeline of your podcast signifying the most important parts of the podcast. By the way, you cannot create a good podcast script, if you do not do this.

2. Elaborate on Your Outlines

When you done highlighting the important segments of your podcast script. Elaborate them by writing the exact words you should say under each topic. You may be able talk for 1 hour if you like, the time constraint is s.

3. Add your Introduction

Your script should contain introductory words that leads the listener into the subject you will discuss. A good podcast script needs a good introduction. Introduction may also include details about you and your guest, if you have any. If it is an interview, you need to let your listeners know what the interview will be about and why they should be excited to listen to it.

4. Use Simple Words

Be as concise as possible. Use short and simple words especially words that your audience will easily understand. Most importantly, go straight to the point.

5. Use Active Sentences over Passive

The Subject-Verb-Object arrangement is a simple, clear and effective means of communication. It ensures there is very little ambiguity in your podcast script. Passive sentences lowers the action in a sentence and makes them less memorable. Active sentences also help you achieve shorter sentences.

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6. Be Ethical

If the podcast is not a sort of blog for your own thoughts, try to make sure your podcast script is impartial, fair, and objective. If you are interviewing a person, do not try to make conclusions for the audience. Let the audience form their own opinions.

7. Be Factual

When writing a podcast script, ensure that the information you provide is factual. Double check on dates, quotes, data, or any tool you might be using for your episode. Google is only a click away to debunk false data.

8. Define Roles

If you have a co-host, you should consider this when developing your script. You should clearly define who says what and when in the script to ensure everything runs smoothly.

9. Keep the Excitement Across the Script

Your script should not start as exciting and then tail off at a point. You should craft your speech in a way that the listener is engaged at almost every point. Your introductory lines should make the listener anticipatory for the remaining part of the podcast and your last lines should make the listener look forward for more. There should be no dull moment- if one exists in your script, quickly cut it out or replace it with something more exciting.

10. Read and Edit

When you are done writing, do not go straight to produce your script. Read through everything you have written, cut out unnecessary information, take out complex words or unfamiliar and unexplained concepts, check for grammar and ensure the right words are used in the right contexts. If you have an editor or a friend who can help read the scripts, it is good to give them to go through.

Writing a good podcast script is like training hard for a football game. When the microphone is on and you are at the centre stage, you will dazzle your audience and they would keep asking for more.

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