You Are Your First Audience

When podcasting for the first time, you should acknowledge you are your first audience.  Before you even send the podcast out for people to listen, it should pass you own first test. Is my podcast something I would like to listen to?

Even when you answer that correctly, getting a large number of people to listen to you will still be difficult. Nonetheless, one thing you must keep in mind is that Rome was not build in a day.

Drab times

Believe it or not, no podcasting platform started out big. As a matter of fact, they experienced what I call drab times. In most cases, this is due to low reception on the part of the audience, and not necessarily inexperience on the part of the platform.

Be as it may,times like these could be discouraging, especially when there seem not to be improvements for days that have now gradually grown to become months.

To put it briefly, no matter how much you spend sending out your first podcast, getting a large audience to follow you would still be difficult.

People need time to understand that new thing you are bringing to them. As a result, convincing them to listen to you would take time.

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Become your own audience

Come to think of it, confidence is an expression that is free yet seems hard to get. At a time like this when it seems like everything is not moving fine, you have to be confident and support yourself. We all know this photo caption “Self Love”.  Well, that sums it all up.

Be confident (Photo Credit: DKNG)

Be confident (Photo Credit: DKNG)

If a podcaster lacks confidence and fails to be his/her first support system, it is hard for anyone else to believe in him/her. So get yourself to believe in what you are doing. This will keep you going while you rack up the numbers.

Easy task

The oxymoronic sub heading aims at drawing your attention to the fact that, it is easier typed and said than done. I did not mean to sound like Steve Harvey or Oprah Winfrey in my previous posts but I choose motivation any day.

Be your own First Audience (Kane Consulting)

Be your own Audience (Kane Consulting)


If you have been recording a podcast for a while now and it seems like no one is listening, just keep doing it because you never know who is listening and is getting inspired.

The bottom line is be your own fan! Listen to your podcasts! Take note of your errors! Be consistent! Be confident and then get ready to welcome more fans.

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Abimbola Adenmosun



Abimbola Adenmosun is a podcaster at Podlobe and the baby of the house! Don’t let her gentle looks deceive you though. In her words, “Don’t just exist… Live!”

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